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Mission Statement

With courage, honor, and integrity
we protect the rights and dignity
of all citizens. In partnership
with our communities, we strive to preserve the peace and provide
for a safe environment for all.

Crime Prevention

Sgt. Chris Guess
Sergeant Chris Guess

Public Information Officer
Crime Prevention Office
Phone: (931) 962-0123, ext. 1119
Phone: (931) 308-9415

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing the safest and most productive environment for the citizens of the county. One proven method for making this philosophy an effective tool is having proactive crime prevention programs. Anyone wanting information about any crime prevention program provided by the Sheriff’s Office may contact Sergeant Chris Guess at the phone numbers or email provided on this page.




Life Skills Program

The Life Skills program is committed to helping elementary students as well as middle school students apply skills that will aid them in making positive and rewarding life choices. School Resource Officers attended the required training to certify them to teach the life skills program and work constantly to provide a positive role model for the students in the schools they represent. Decisions about health, substance abuse, decision making and communication are just part of the curriculum provided to the students as they work through the life skills program. Sheriff Fuller and the employees of the Sheriff’s Office are committed to doing everything possible to ensure our young people have every opportunity and resource to help them lead happy, healthy and productive lives.


Neighborhood Watch

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Neighborhood Watch Program is offered to all residents of Franklin County located in the city limits or in the county. The program is to help establish a process for citizens to be able to take the initiative to help law enforcement in securing their neighborhoods.

Citizen’s Police Academy

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office annually provides the citizens of the county the opportunity to participate in the Citizen’s Police Academy. The Academy offers citizens the chance to attend classes and take part in practical exercises that are directly related to duties and responsibilities of a deputy sheriff and/or investigator. The Academy is a 10 week curriculum and students meet once a week for approximately 2 hours depending on the content of that week’s lesson. Different members of the Sheriff’s Office training staff instruct in their areas of expertise and provide course outlines, instruction and answer questions posed to them by students in the class. The goal of the Academy is to bring law enforcement and the citizens of the county closer together in their understanding of why and how law enforcement operates. The Academy also provides a proactive approach for law enforcement and gives citizens a platform to express concerns and ask questions specific to their neighborhoods. It is the belief of the Sheriff’s Office that the better law enforcement and the citizens of the county know each other and communicate the better and safer the environment for Franklin County will be as a whole. Listed below is an example curriculum for the Citizen’s Academy and the dates and times of the next academy will be published at the appropriate time.

Citizen’s Police Academy Curriculum

  • Week 1 - The Legal System (Sergeant Chris Guess)
  • Week 2 - Constitutional Law (Sergeant Chris Guess)
  • Week 3 - Patrol Duties and Serving Warrants (Captain Mike Bell)
  • Week 4 - Use of Force (Investigator Todd Hindman)
  • Week 5 - D.U.I. Enforcement (Deputy Sam Davidson)
  • Week 6 - Domestic Violence (Sergeant Ricky Summers)
  • Week 7 - Narcotics Investigation (Investigator George Dyer)
  • Week 8 - CSI (Captain Mike Bell/Sergeant Chris Guess)
  • Week 9 - Gang and Youth Violence (Investigator Nick Watson)
  • Week 10- Crime Prevention (Sergeant Chris Guess) Graduation (Sheriff Tim Fuller)

RAD Program

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office provides RAD classes once a quarter to the citizens of Franklin County. RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) is a self-defense class for women and the instructor’s are members of the Franklin County sheriff’s Office. Students are taught awareness and some basic self-defense techniques. The purpose of the program is to help the students feel more confident and knowledgeable if they are faced with a situation of being accosted.

Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Program

What is the Program
The Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Program is a collaborative effort between the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, the Franklin County Drug Prevention Coalition, and local police departments, the Franklin County Health Council, Agricultural Extension Office, Winchester Utilities and Duck River Membership Corporation.

The purpose of the program is to educate the public about the harm done to the environment and to the community due to the current prescription and non-prescription drug disposal practices and to provide an alternative method of disposal that ensures the quality of our water and control of drugs on our streets for future generations.

Role of Law Enforcement
Individuals may take their unused or unwanted controlled substances to the Sheriff’s Office or local police departments. All participating agencies have a drop box that individuals may place their unwanted substances in.